An interactive nature poem


An interactive multi-voice play

My Mate Paul HD interactive play

Please join me in performing this interactive play about Domestic Abuse.



Peace, an interactive multi-voice poem.

Please join me in performing this peace poem:

A multi-voice poem


An interactive animal rights poem

Daybreak is an animal rights poem with two voices. Please provide the other voice for me. Join me now in performing this poem!



Please join me in a multi-voice poem

I would like you to join me – now – in performing my two part multi-voice poem: Happy the dawn.

Please give it a go!





Multivoice Poetry Challenge (Part 2)

Here are two films (with two different poetry groups) using the same poem as given in my last post. Please have a try at rehearsing and performing the poem yourself. Add a film of the event to you tube.



Many Voices (a multi-voice poem)

Author Ashby McGowan


Performed by

Kelsey Amelotte,

Ainslie De Sousa,

Jamie Lester,

Zunaira Munir, and

Manon van Mil



Queen’s University, Faculty of Education

Kingston, ON, Canada,






Many Voices Poem


Produced by Rachel Jury (Artistic Director conFAB)

Written by: Ashby McGowan

Acting Director: Iwona Glowinska

Film Director: Pete Hastie


Ashby McGowan

Berta Cussó

Jessica Phillippi

Miriam Sarah Doren

Robert Przekwas





The multi-voice poetry challenge

many voices001


many voices002

many voices003

many voices004

many voices005

many voices006



many voices007


Many Different Animals, a multi-voice poem

Many different animals001_Page_1Many different animals001_Page_2