The performance poem ANIMALS, is meant to be read aloud by six people. Each verse commences when the person reading that verse hears the trigger phrase, which is in bold type at the end of the previous verse (both people read the trigger phrase at the same time). The readings should pass through the group and then back to the beginning (More pain) to then pass through another cycle (two cycles should be enough to avoid reader and audience fatigue). Titles of each verse should be carried by the speaker on A3 card. “MONKEY” and “ALICIA” do read at the same time: it is meant to be a bit chaotic. Readers wear animal masks.



PIG (wear pig mask)

More pain and cries and fears

Oh, let there be peace at the end of my tears.

Chained upside down, stunned but aware,

And the noise and the kicks. And the hate and the glare

Unstoppable screaming, my life blood streaming

My life has been filled with pains but this is worse,

Worse than anything I know


FISH (fish mask)

I know that I rule

Down here, blue and cool

Swift I am, easily I escape the chasing cod

Another world beyond the rod.

And yet the nets come down to capture friend and foe

Stomach churning, eyes stare

Drowning in this world of air

The fear of death is all I know


Alicia (with the lisp and the lollypop)                       MONKEY (monkey mask)

All I know is what to eat,                                           All I know is the jungle,

Lollypops, and cakes, and fresh meat                        Life without care

I’m cute little Alicia, I am only thwee                         Games amongst the green leaves

Dead animals I like for dinner and tea                       In the warm damp air.

All animals I love, my bunnies my Ted                       But now, no longer free and wild

Even pigs and cows,                                                      No smell of my group,

But them, only when they are dead                       No sight of my child


Farmer Giles (welly boots and Devon accent)

When they are dead, with tears I’m stained

And in my grief, my heart is pained.

I am Farmer Giles, that I am

I makes bacon and ham

I’m kind and I’m wise

And I never tell lies.

I teach the pigs songs to sing in their cages

I treat them like nobles, each week they get wages

And if you think that you hear a scream

Turn away, forget it, it’s only a dream


Only a Rat (rat mask)

It’s only a dream that’s painted in red

My life is patterned with wires,

They encircle my bed

Others are hidden, deep in my head

Only when I’m dead will I ever be free

The streams and the bushes I never will see

The end seems near as they drive me insane

But there is nothing but fear, and pain, and more pain





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