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I am happy for any group to try out the poems on this site for free, at a Gig-just give me (the author) a credit/mention. However, I do not want these poems placed in anyone’s magazine (either online or in print).
I have three twenty minute multi-voice sets that I can talk about letting new multi-voice groups use: Mental Health, Animal rights and Conservation, and Poems Against War. They should not be used to exploit animals or humans ( e.g. by being parts of a fundraiser for animal testing charities). I genuinely want to help start new groups doing multi-voice. Do please contact me!

Chromatic Voices 2 consists of a groups of interested poets and actors who are on a group email list. I keep them up to date with what is happening and when a Gig or Funding turns up, then I ask if any are free to perform. There are no auditions. I am always on the look out for a Producer-who will look for funding and gigs. I can Direct but prefer someone who is trained in it to Direct CV2 (Chromatic Voices 2).


My Multi-voice CV.

Ten years ago I started writing a new type of multi-voice Poetry (originally for the pupils in the Amnesty UK Youth Group that I organised in the School I worked in). My own variant of multi-voice Poetry has since then been featured on National Radio and the Group I originally performed with (Chromatic Voices) have appeared at numerous Human Rights Festivals; at the Scottish Parliament, and we have Toured Scotland with a multi-voice multi-language project that I instigated. conFAB organised the Tour and found Funding-from various sources.

The variant of multi-voice Poetry that I am developing allows subtle rhythms to be built up between the performers words. It also allows effects which can amplify the emotions that accompany the words. It is not a strange experimental effect. It is something that affects Audiences enormously. It does work. I have seen the effect work with Audiences for ten years. The technique has enormous potential.

I am trying to find ways to get the ordinary public more interested in Poetry (and so have spoken on National Radio about my idea for Poetry Karaoke).

There is a clip of Tracy Patrick and Lorna Callery performing one of my Comedy Multi-voice pieces: Twins):

On the 23rd June 2012, I performed single voice poetry and multi-voice poetry (as a part of Chromatic Voices 2) during the Ripple Effect show at Govanhill Baths.

On June 13th 2013 Infinity’s Kitchen (Experimental Poetry Journal) featured a ten page feature article about my multi-voice work and how to use it at workshops. The Van Reipen Collective performed my piece, Another Night at the Infinity’s Kitchen magazine launch in Brooklyn, New York. The Editor reported that, “Your work was very well received in New York.”

I have started a Chromatic Voices 2 and have an ad in the Creative Scotland website looking for actors and poets. Also, we are looking for funding for Gigs.

Chromatic Voices 2 had their first Gig at Seeds of Thought on October 5th 2013. The audience cheered for two minutes. It went amazingly well. There is a film of the event.

Jack Healey of the Human Rights Action Centre in Washington D.C. emailed me to say it was, “Nice work.”

In December 2013 I had an article on multi-voice on the Blog at:

In January 2014 I had an article about MV on the Blog of the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights:

27/3/14 Commissioned by conFAB to write a multi-voice poem (called, Many Voices) about the Commonwealth. Also, to perform in it. The poem to be filmed and shown as part of the celebrations around the 2014 Commonwealth Games.:

Filmic version:

Performance version:

May, 2014: My multi-voice poem Tide picked to be part of a book dealing with the Sea. The book to be called, A.L.L. Times.

Two poems (one of which is multi-voice) are accepted by the Newsboy Team for the Commonwealth event on the main stage at the Tron Theatre. On stage 25th July, 2014.

In July 2014, I have an article about multi-voice on the Noise event website:


In July of 2014, I have an article about multi-voice on the Guardian Witness site:

On 13th January 2015, Radio Nouspace included a piece about my multi-voice poetry and included an audio player to listen to the audio from the Commonwealth Games poem: I am listed as one of three Contemporary European Sound Poets. (Poems Against War is on their site as a recommended film to watch as part of students’ studies.)

Many Voices film being published to Poetry Seen site January 2016.

13/4/2015, I found out that the website Charter for Compassion is using the Poems Against War video link and publishing the multi-voice poems Dignity on their website.

15/4/2015 My Multi-voice poem Ripples is being published in Issue 1 of Rooms.

(The Daybreak and the Happy the Dawn poems below were printed in Infinity’s Kitchen. Thanks to them for allowing me to re-use. Daybreak was also printed in Turbulence magazine. and thanks to them to for permission to re-use. I own the copyright to both poems.)

The picture above (of CV2 at Seeds of Thought) was taken by the copyright holder: Tarneem Al Mousawi. Thanks to her for permission to use.)



HOLDING HANDS STLE OF MV POEM. Here, each performer has one line (or word) of theirs intimately linked to the following line: i.e. the end part of their line – being read at the same time as the first part of the following line is (by another performer). An example is my Performance Poem, Canada. You would need (at least) four voices in a ring or in a line to perform this.



(The performers appear to the audience to read out of any sequence. They look at the audience without looking at each other. Each performer reads one line and the second word in each line is spoken at the same time as the first word in the following line.

The last line spoken by all.


Snow falling
Falling down
Down wind
Wind blowing
Blowing hard
Hard ice
Ice breaking
Breaking through
Through Arctic
Arctic seals
Seals crying
Crying no more
No more blood
Blood stains
Stain’s Canada


Canada’s shame


Happy the dawn

Two readers reading at the same time, to the ringing of small bells.


Dawn-cold sun-bold climbing             Dawn-sky sun-high climbing

Cloud-gold tale-told miming               Cloud-cry tale-try miming

Night-die star-fly a-way                        Night-cold star-told a-way

Bright–sky bird-high all day                Bright-gold bird-bold all day




Dawn light                                            Sun white

Colours Cast                                        Flying fast

Delight the day                                    So bright each ray

Warmth touch hills                             Valley mist fills


Moon dipping                                       Deer sipping

Glows Amber                                       Then clamber

Over horizon falls                                Over slippery walls


Clouds break                                        Sleep shake

Blue make                                            Love make

Bracken brown                                    Kneel down

Wind sent                                             Strange scent

Breath take                                           Lung break

Red froth from mouth and nose      Red froth from mouth and nose

Dead                                                        Dead

Dead                                                        Dead


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